Posted by: Youth Service Network & We Belong Project | February 9, 2012

Webinar March 5 – Mapping Memories (Participatory Media, Place-Based Stories, and Refugee Youth)

Monday 5 March, 2-3 pm (Eastern time)
with Liz Miller, professor in Communication Studies at Concordia University (Montreal) and member of the Mapping Memories project.

Mapping Memories: Participatory media, place-based stories and refugee youth

One powerful way to change public opinion about refugees in Canada is through personal stories.  But how do we do this effectively and with respect for the individuals involved?
Montreal-based Mapping Memories uses a range of media tools and participatory methods to help refugees and refugee claimants shape and share their stories with diverse audiences.


In this webinar Liz Miller will familiarize you with storytelling workshop techniques and materials, discuss strategies for working with sensitive stories, and address creative ideas for taking stories public.


For more information about the Mapping Memories project, visit: mapping
Are you with a CCR member organization? Interesting in participating? Register here.

See ccrwebinars online at: for more information about CCR webinars and other sessions.


*Webinars are interactive presentations that you join online and by phone. They will include encore presentations from Consultation sessions, as well as other topics of interest to refugee and newcomer advocates.


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