Posted by: Youth Service Network & We Belong Project | March 9, 2012

Resources and Reports

Young voices must be heard in decisions on youth service provision, says DfE -UK

The guidance, which will be subject to a consultation until 25 May, specifies that the government “will not prescribe which services and activities authorities should fund or deliver or to what level”. View

Bullying Linked to Suicidal Thoughts

Children involved in bullying are more likely than their peers to consider suicide by the time they are 11, a new study indicates.  These thoughts of self-harm are not limited to victims of bullying however.  The study also revealed that bullies themselves are much more prone to suicidal thoughts or some other form of self-harm. View

Bullied to Death: Boy Accused in Attack Not Guilty

The youth accused of attacking Mitchell Wilson, an 11 year old Pickering boy who later committed suicide and whose story has become a cause celebrate of the anti-bullying movement, has been found not guilty of assault and robbery charges. To view the full article, please click the link below.–bullied-to-death-boy-accused-in-attack-not-guilty View

The Social Assistance Review: It Doesn’t End with Drummond

One of the most troubling of the Drummond Commission recommendations, says the Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC), is to limit annual spending growth in Ontario Works and the ODSP to 0.5% for the next six years. From an article on ISAC’s Social Assistance Review website: As one among many groups working to contribute to the Social Assistance Review process ongoing since early last year, we were dismayed to see the Drummond Commission weigh in so significantly on recommendations around social assistance. View


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