Posted by: Youth Service Network & We Belong Project | March 14, 2012

FREE drama therapy and performance program for refugee youth












Do you know any refugee youth ages 18 – 29
who need a place to “speak out” and get support?
Children’s Peace Theatre (CPT) has been running free theatre training and performance programs for youth since 2005. In collaboration with young and emerging professional artists, youth participants develop the skills to express themselves creatively, become leaders in their community, and have a safe place to meet and integrate with other youth.
Currently we are piloting a theatre project called Confronting Myself, designed specifically to meet the needs of refugee youth.
Confronting Myself will provide 6 weeks of drama therapy. Within the safe confines of a theatrical process facilitated by specially trained professional artists Mahmoud Ramezani and Delaram Karkheiran, the youth will explore their own experiences of trauma, loss, and hardship.
After the initial 6 weeks of drama therapy, participants will be invited to be part of 10 weeks of theatre creation. The focus will be on enabling participants to explore their common issues and experiences living as refugees using theatre, music, art and exercises. The sessions operate on a collective collaboration model, which allows for everyone’s input to be shared and built upon.
The project will culminate in original performance pieces for those youth who feel ready to share, and a series of public performances or exhibits for Refugee Day on June 20th and at the Youth Festival at CPT on June 29th.

  • Empower refugee youth to improve their quality of life
  • Raise public awareness about the issues facing refugee youth
  • Create meaningful dialogue amongst diverse cultures
  • Help refugee youth to recognize their personal issues and find positive outlets for anger and grief
  • Meet others who have similar experiences
  • Learn drama and conflict transformation skills

How youth can get involved:
The youth will meet every week on Tuesday and Friday nights from 4 – 8 p.m. at CPT.
Youth ages 18 – 29 are invited to start attending at the next sessions in March or on April 3rd

Each session includes a FREE nutritious meal.

Please help us to recruit youth:
Call Karen Emerson or Lida Alirezaei at 416-752-1550 or email Karen at


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